Project team

Roy Haex, Elvira Arslanova, Luuk Beursgens, Ruo Cheng & Maria Vrachni


Regina Bernhaupt (IRIT-ICS)


Arslanova, E., Beursgens, L., Cheng, R., Haex, R., & Maria Vrachni. (2012). Tree, a multimodel system to stimulate children to save energy and water. In Extended Proceedings of the Fun and Games Conference 2012, Toulouse, France, IRIT Press, 53-56.

Tree: energy consumption awareness

The waste of valuable resources is a known societal problem. Although the consequences of the wasting of water and electricity are clear for adults, children are often unaware of the impact of energy and water wasting.

The “Tree” system aims to establish awareness regarding eco-friendly behavior among children between the ages of 8 and 12. The system employs different perceptual modalities to engage young children in an educative and playful exploration that eventually leads to a more eco-friendly behavior. The concept contains two parts: a dedicated bracelet and a docking station.

The bracelet is a portable device that helps children to monitor the usage of water and electricity at home by means of a virtual pet. By doing so, both interacting with the pet and comparing with peers is encouraged.

Finally, the docking station and camera is for both charging the bracelet and collecting the rewards that the user earned throughout the day. Moreover, by means of projection and movement tracking, the user is given more rich and playful ways of interacting with the pet.

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