Dynamic light scenarios

Light is part of our entire life. However, how we perceived it and influences us is also determined by our environment. This project was embedded in a larger lighting research project, within Philips. The aim of this study was to both study the contextual factors and minimal requirements of lighting for several prime environments, and to design and evaluate lighting concepts within the working-at-home environment.

A preference for lighting can be an individual choice, but in common places a specific light setting should be designed, based on the activities and needs of its inhabitants. During this phase, we focussed on several environments which were of interest to Philips.

Next, the project entailed a lighting design track in the working-at-home environment. The first lighting concept is a system that dynamically alters the colour temperature and brightness of the light. The aim of this concept is to provide a soothing light atmosphere when high levels of stress are detected, while adapting to a more alerting environment when low levels of activity and stress are detected.

The second concept relates to the placement of tiles on the ceiling, which serves both as a source of light and as a virtual view outwards. By linking the behaviour of the tiles to external factors like day-night cycle, or simulated exotic or distant environments, users could shape their personal lighting environment. Both concepts were quantitatively evaluated within Philips and implications are made for further development and research, based on the outcomes.

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