Project team

Roy Haex, Ruo Cheng, Jeroen Keijser


Jacques Terken

NICU study & evaluation

In this project for the Maxima Medical Centre in Eindhoven, the current situation for the nurses at the NICU have been analysed and potential solutions have been proposed. The main focus lay at the interaction with the Solar 8000M patient monitor.

Patients in the NICU are monitored and attended to 24/7 and thus nurses take care of the patients in shifts. Due to the intensive amount of care and attention needed for patients in the NICU, each nurse is responsible for 2-3 patients at time.

Workload for nurses at the NICU is high, so attentional resources for novel information is scarse. In the current system, there are a large number of clinically irrelevant alarms, creating a “cry-wolf” effect.

The interface and both the visual and auditory warning signals have been revised in order to lower workload and irrelevant alarms. Furthermore, a RFID bracelet was introduced in order to decrease the number of physical alarm interventions.

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