Supporting elderly and caretakers with domotica

The aim of the MiBida Screen is to connect people, both with services and with each other. Key is to focus primarily on the end-user, and secondary on (informal)caretakers, family, friends and relatives.

Were with regular internet devices the threshold for elderly often is perceived as too steep, the goal of the Screen is to lower this threshold. By offering an basic interface, that is both intuitive to use and tailored to individual needs and capacities, we encourage elderly to use an infrastructure that they previously were unknown and unskilled in.

The MiBida Screen offers a range of services primarily aimed at increasing well-being, like a digital newspaper, weather forecasts and mentally stimulating games. Moreover, the Screen also hosts a number of services to support (in)formal care like an activity planner, state-of-the-art video communication and services supporting community awareness. We also collaborate with third parties in order to offer services like wandering detection.

By keeping in close contact with our end-users and direct contacts, we apply an iterative design process with the motto: it’s never done. National regulations and viewpoints, with respect to (in)formal care in the domestic environment are expected to change dramatically in the coming periods.

By providing a tool to organize healthcare in an informal setting, while supporting professional caretakers in their tasks and by giving elderly an user-friendly and error-proof way to utilize the internet, we hope to play our part to the challenges of the future.

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