Project team

Roy Haex, Lilia Perez-Remero, Tatiana Sidorenkova

Using social media in domotica

The idea behind this project was to take the mundane object of a doorbell and to: 1) scale the level of experience it delivers; 2) integrate it with a social media infrastructure and; 3) augment it with technology and new functionalities.

We delivered an innovative system that links a specially designed doorbell with your smartphone in order to keep you updated about who visited your home. It can be seen as a virtual peephole, allowing the user to see who’s ringing their doorbell without having to physically open the door or be at home.

After an initial usertest and some minor adjustments, it became clear that users found the concept promising. Especially the implications such a system can have for home security and ease-of-use. We can see such a system work for e.g. elderly people, who are having difficulties remembering who visited when.

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