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As a graduated IO-psychologist and UX researcher, it is in combining my knowledge with state-of-the-art research and design methodology onto innovative challenges, that I enjoy the most.

In the past years I’ve worked for a number of clients on projects ranging from user research, scientific publishing, UI/UX design, prototyping, graphic and DPI design, product evaluation and project management.

In the end it all comes down to accelerating people and businesses by making the interaction with novel technology more enjoyable, intuitive and less frustrating, error prone, why I’m in it for.

Previous work

Communication-platform for caretakers and elderly

Create local communities and provide low-threshold internet-services, supporting elderly to live longer independently

Videoconsulting for GP practices

Providing GP practices with the tools to organize web-based videoconsults, fitting the existing workflow and expectations of patients

Care for MS-patients

The coaching platform for Multiple Sclerosis patients throughout the Netherlands

Dynamic lighting scenarios

Development of dynamic lighting concepts and scenarios for Philips Research, to support teleworkers.

Unwinding while commuting

Design for Intel Labs aimed to support unwinding after work while commuting in semi-autonomous vehicles.

NICU study & evaluation

Evaluation and redesign of the Solar 8000M patient monitors at the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).

Ambient-intelligent closet

Study the applicability of interpersonal theories while designing ambient-intelligent environments and products.

Television menu redesign

Usability testing and design recommendations of a novel Philips television menu-structure for TPVision.

Energy consumption awareness

Combining serious gaming with an interactive product for kids to increase own energy usage awareness and of peers.

Using social media in domotica

Concept where social media (Twitter) can be utilized as a part of the domotica-integrated household.

Workload of navigation devices

Multimodal perception research in the effects of visual/auditiory based interfaces on driving performance.

Prototyping methods comparison

Comparison in the effectiveness of the most popular prototyping methods for fast and frugal prototyping.